GPT-Enabled Chatbots for Recipe or Food

Food Industry Challenges That can be
Addressed Using a Chatbot

finding food that meets dietary restrictions

Finding food that meets dietary restrictions

Accounting for dietary restrictions when choosing food is a long and stressful process. However, it can be resolved by an AI chatbot that only shows food items on the menu, catering to dietary restrictions.

training new chefs in the restaurants

Training new chefs in the restaurants

Having the same recipes over and over can easily cause boredom and distaste for the food, which is why using a chatbot to tell you accurate methods of cooking new recipes is so useful.

knowing calorie and nutrient count

Knowing calorie and nutrient count

Those who are conscious about their food intake have a hard time finding the number of calories or nutrients in their food which can be fixed by an AI chatbot. It will give the exact details about the contents of any dish on the menu.

training overall staff

Training overall staff

Restaurants can easily have new staff resolve all of their doubts and queries by simply interacting with the chatbot. Because the chatbot is loaded with data it can easily cater to and resolve any issues that they may be facing.

How Docomatic Resolves Food Suggestion Issues


Allergen-accounted food suggestions

Using Chatpedia, you can easily cater to customers that have allergic reactions to certain foods by getting new suggestions that do not include the allergic ingredients instantly.

Adherence to guidelines

You can make both new and existing staff adhere to your set culinary guidelines by enabling them to look it up instantly using Chatpedia.

Accurate food recipes

You can have Chatpedia give you or your staff the perfect proportions for all the ingredients needed to make your food recipes perfect on every single try.

Catering to nutritional deficiencies

To cater to those who prefer to resolve their nutritional deficiencies by consuming appropriate foods, you can use Chatpedia to get the best food suggestions that help them recover from their lack of any particular nutrient.

Streamline Food and Recipe Suggestions With Docomatic

Custom Food
Data Menu

Compile a whole bunch of recipes and have Docomatic analyze them completely so that Chatpedia can cater to all of your food suggestion needs.

response times

Unlike asking your fellow companion to give you food information, Chatpedia does it within a second, giving you data for any food that you would like to consume.

NLP abilities

Thanks to the advanced natural language processing abilities of Chatpedia, there are no miscommunications whatsoever. Only accurate results for your queries.

Easy data

If you want to configure the recipes and data in your custom database you can instantly create or edit existing files to your liking at any given time.


With Chatpedia you have zero downtime meaning that you can get food suggestions even at the most unlikely hours and still have them given to you within a second.

Instant access
to data

With the help of our conversational AI for customer service, all of the employees at your establishment can have access to all the crucial data regarding your business at their fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the advanced natural language processing abilities of Chatpedia can remember previously mentioned data and contextualize the responses to meet all of your requirements accurately every single time.

Because Chatpedia can understand the composition and flavor of any given recipe it can also scour through its database to find other recipes that share a similar flavor for you within a second.

We understand how important it is to have accurate cooking instructions when making the perfect dish. This is why Chatpedia has the ability to provide you with the most ideal cooking instructions so that you can cook anything to perfection.

Because Chatpedia is powered by the highly capable GPT-3 language model from OpenAI, it can decipher and understand the natural human language and give out responses from the data that is given to it.