8 Benefits of Using an AI-Powered Chatbot for Community Management

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  • Last Updated: February 20, 2023
8 Benefits of Using an AI-Powered Chatbot for Community Management

Since managing your community is a crucial part, you may need more than just a tool in today’s era. Positive interactions with customers, stakeholders and other community members help establish and strengthen brand identities.

However, the increasing prevalence of digital communication channels has increased the number of questions and messages received by community managers. So, this may cause delays in response times, or you might accidentally miss the messages. 

Solution? We can use chatbots driven by artificial intelligence. That’s right. A chatbot is an AI-powered computer software that holds artificially intelligent conversations with real people. They are able to respond quickly and individually no matter what you ask as community members. Yes, any time of day or night, not just during regular office hours.

Let’s discuss how businesses and organizations can make the most of chatbots to better serve their communities and save big.

Chatbots in Community Management: Explanation

Managing a community means building a community of customers, stakeholders, or members. Responding to questions, resolving issues, and customer interactions with community members to foster a healthy surrounding environment. Nonetheless, with the number of messages sent to and received by community managers, it might be difficult for them to meet everyone’s needs. Hence, we can use artificial intelligence like OpenAI GPT-3.

These are programs that try to interpret spoken language. They can read the minds of their customers and provide them with what they want with the help of AI. Since chatbots can answer these questions quickly and accurately, they can reduce the workload of human agents.

In addition, a chatbot powered by AI can be programmed to provide one-of-a-kind responses, enriching the user’s experience. A chatbot, for instance, can use the history of single customer service interaction with a user to provide tailored responses. In addition, chatbots may assist consumers whenever they need it and not only during daylight. This means they may serve the community around the clock.

On the other hand, there are a few problems that could make it difficult for chatbots to replace community managers. To ensure they constantly provide helpful responses, training is essential for chatbots. After all, if you want to provide a better experience for your customers, you will need to find a balance between chatbots and humans. 

Despite these limitations, chatbots have quickly become the standard for community management because of their minimal costs and enhanced productivity.

8 Benefits of Using AI-Powered Chatbots for Community Management

Here are some notable benefits of using AI chatbots for managing a community.

1. Available 24/7

If human community managers aren’t available for some reason, they can still seek help via a chatbot at any time. In circumstances where members of the community have concerns that need to be addressed swiftly, chatbot availability helps to create trust in the organization and improves the user experience.

In today’s world, the constant availability that chatbots provide is invaluable. With multiple users connecting from across the world, there is no doubt that help will be readily available. AI chatbots make sure that people in a community can get the assistance they need whenever they need it the most, no matter where they are. 

Offering outstanding customer service and support can really help businesses to stand out in the industry. In order to boost client satisfaction, loyalty, and corporate growth, many companies are turning to chatbots because of their 24/7 availability.

2. Instant responses

Another main benefit of using chatbots for community management is that they can provide instant answers to your inquiries. Eventually, helping in cutting off the wait time for community members and improving the overall user experience. The advanced tool can be trained in order to understand queries and respond to such frequently asked questions.

The chatbot technology will ensure that community members can get the information they are looking for more quickly and easily. Instantly receiving responses means no workload for community managers. This means they can focus on more complex issues that really require human intervention.

3. Scalability

No matter how many customer queries you ask, chatbots will never get tired of answering your queries. Yes, you read that right. Such AI tools can deliver the perfect answer for communities since they can respond to numerous queries continuously. As a result, businesses or organizations may not run out of human resources as well as may not need to stretch their financial plan. 

Such use of chatbots makes it possible to maintain scalability despite an ever-changing list of questions. And so, because of such scalability, businesses can easily meet evolving customer expectations.

4. Customizable content

What more could we ask when Chatbots are responding to individual inquiries in a way that is consistent with the company’s branding, values, and voice? So, yes, Chatbots accept customization in your queries. 

Therefore, the community’s trust and confidence in service will certainly grow thanks to such a customization option. True, because Chatbots can make community members feel special by extracting information from their past encounters in mere seconds.

Chatbots are capable of providing their users with content that is uniquely personalized to their interests. They highly rely on natural language processing (NLP), so chatbots can be trained to understand the context of any question and provide an answer that is relevant to them.

5. Cost-effective tool

One more advantage is the chatbot is a cost-effective alternative for community managers. And why not? If organizations can save money and deliver a better customer experience with such an automated process. They can help businesses and organizations provide top-notch customer service.

Chatbots can help businesses and organizations save money and provide better customer service by automating their work. It can respond to numerous inquiries for which you may not need more staff.  These chatbots are surely a suitable option for any small or big size company. Moreover, chatbots have the potential to accelerate productivity and efficiency with minimum human intervention. Hence, it is safe to say that it is a cost-effective AI-powered tool.

6. Human-like interaction

Human-like interaction is an added advantage for using advanced chatbots as it creates a more engaging and personalized user experience along with building trust and rapport with the community. By using natural language processing and machine learning, chatbots can really learn from conversation history and then give their responses to create a more human-like interaction.

Just like the icing on the cake, the most important thing is that a more dynamic and responsive user experience is created via chatbots, which can strengthen ties between the company and its employees.

7. No human errors

Community members using chatbots can expect better results from such AI-powered tools as there will be no room for human error thanks to chatbots’ consistency that never keeps your questions unanswered. And so, the community can be assured that their interactions will always be positive and helpful as they will be treated with respect.

Organizations can ensure that all community members receive accurate and beneficial information by deploying AI-powered chatbots that can completely eliminate the possibility of human error.

8. Multilingual support

AI customer service chatbots have the added bonus as they are capable of providing answers in multiple languages. Such an ability to engage with users in their chosen language has drawn interest from major brands and organizations and therefore expanding their reach with diverse groups.

Multilingual support means conversations with users can be in a chosen language and this process can remove a significant barrier for those who may not speak English. Thus, major firms may now reach out to their customers in a wider range of locations and cultures thanks to this AI-driven feature.

So, notably, the AI-powered chatbot provides numerous benefits for community management, as mentioned above. Following such an automated process, businesses can expect better user experience and achieve desired growth and efficiency.

Why is it Crucial to Teach Chatbots?

From the moment AI-powered chatbots are being trained to handle a wide range of inquiries, they have left no stone in making heads turn. To be honest, they still need more training to become mature enough in order to spit the right answers. In case you are wondering why they are crucial, here are some reasons:

  • Improve content quality: The quality of a chatbot is equivalent to the quality of the data it has learned from past conversations. Untrained chatbots are prone to making big mistakes and providing incomplete information. Thus, it’s crucial to train chatbots on high-quality data that fairly represents the needs and preferences of the community by offering the most accurate and helpful responses possible.
  • For a better user experience: It is necessary to teach chatbots so that they can correctly perceive the meaning of a community member’s question. They can be trained to answer queries in a way that is both helpful and relevant to the community, which can increase customer satisfaction as well.
  • Enabling Chatbots to Learn and Adapt: By utilizing machine learning algorithms, chatbots can improve their knowledge from past encounters with users and modify their responses accordingly. In order to ensure that chatbots continue to develop and become more efficient over time, businesses should teach them current trends to notice patterns and change their responses accordingly.
    Chatbots can be trained to do a variety of tasks, allowing businesses and organizations to grow at a fast pace. For instance, chatbots can be trained to understand and answer a wider variety of inquiries, including those that call for in-depth expertise or analysis.
  • Meeting community demands: Businesses and other organizations need to be flexible so that they can keep up with the changing needs of their communities. Businesses and organizations can maintain their relevance and efficiency while providing meaningful service to the community by training chatbots to recognize and react to inquiries as per new trends.
  • Ensuring compliance with rules and regulations: Particularly in sectors like healthcare and finance, where the repercussions of non-compliance can be severe, chatbots need to be educated to comply with regulations and norms. Businesses and organizations can reduce their risk of running afoul of the law by equipping their chatbots with the knowledge to identify and respond appropriately to applicable regulations and policies.

So, it’s clear that training chatbots is essential for multiple reasons. Chatbots do have great potential as development drivers and customer service enhancers only if given the right education and guidance.

Tips to Improve Community Management Using Chatbots 

Below are the 9 tips for using chatbots to improve community management. 

  • Make your objectives very clear in order to evaluate the success of your AI chatbot.
  • Cater your responses as per the requirements of people who will frequently be using the chatbot.
  • Users should feel that they are valued as long as they continue their conversation with chatbot.
  • One should make sure the chatbot’s UI is simple to use so that people find the answers they’re looking for.
  • Train your AI tool in such a way that it should be hassle-free for its users when they are in need of quick answers.
  • Ensure your recently added chatbot’s responses are easy to understand, which means there would be no room for communication gaps. 
  • One must provide a human touch by letting users speak to the available person in case the chatbot is responding.
  • Fine-tune the chatbot’s responses by keeping a tab on how it’s processing the answers and how users are reacting to them.
  • Analyze the chatbot’s interaction logs for patterns, insights, and areas where community management could be strengthened.

By following these aforementioned tips, you know your chatbot is optimized for your community’s needs. A well-developed chatbot can deliver information fast to queries in such a way that it utilizes the minimum time of its user.

What are the Businesses That Have Implemented Chatbots? 

The introduction of AI-driven chatbots has garnered attention from many top brands and organizations as they recognized its value for community management and thereby implemented it to improve customer communication and engagement. Here are examples of businesses that have started taking help from chatbots.:

  1. H&M: The most popular clothing brand H&M has adopted an AI-driven chatbot on its app to provide better responses to its buyers. Chatbots help to check order status, and store locations, as well as track shipments. A newly-implemented chatbot can deal with inquiries, providing efficient responses to buyers in order to improve customer satisfaction.
  2. World Health Organization (WHO): The World Health Organization (WHO) implementing a chatbot to provide information on COVID-19 for public awareness is another example of the organization moving to AI-powered tools. The deployed chatbot can answer common questions regarding viruses and prevention measures, and dispel misinformation, helping to educate the public and prevent the spread of the disease.


There are mainly two key technologies used in AI chatbots, namely natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML).

Of course, chatbots are a great advanced and AI-driven tool for HR management. Businesses can use such advanced chatbots to level up HR services and not replace them.

Sometimes chatbots may find it difficult to answer certain sets of questions, and therefore you may need to get in touch with a concerned person in order to resolve your queries. This may take a while for a chatbot, and as a result, users would be unsatisfied with its service.


In a nutshell, chatbots driven by artificial intelligence can lend you a helping hand in community management. We saw several benefits of using them, such as 24/7 availability, instant responses, scalability, customization, cost-effective, human-like interaction, and no human errors.

Before bringing the curtains down, highlighting the most significant benefit is multilingual support that chatbots can engage with a human agent in their native languages, expanding the scope of possible interactions.

Hence it is proved that chatbots are not only useful tools for community management but can also be used for measuring their performance.

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